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"Websites do not need to be complicated"

The best we could find: During my travels around the country many of you have asked me about starting your own websites. For most building businesses you just need a simple and cost effective site that gets your name (and most importantly, references and photos) out there. In true Building Hub style, we think we have found the best solution - So, if you have been thinking of creating a website, or think it is time for a change, we think this is the best offer out there. For more details you can go to the partners page at or call Tradesites on 09 554 1572. - Ask for Matt!


"Build a website; build your business"

Auckland company Websight Architects has developed Tradesites, a business that offers a range of simple, but effective, website solutions for busy tradespeople. Tradesites is partnering with Mitre 10 to make this available to Mitre 10 Trade customers. â€œCreating a company website can be a daunting process and many busy tradespeople don’t have the time to create one of their own. Getting someone else to build a website can be expensive, so we created Tradesites to make the process as simple and cost effective as possible,” Websight Architects director Matt O'Dea says. The templates have all been professionally designed and can be changed with the click of a button once all the information has been uploaded to the site. 

"Kiwi web company helps Tradies win more business!"

Matt O’Dea, the bloke behind explains “the idea was to create something super simple that tradies could do themselves, as fewer and fewer people can afford an expensive website especially with the current economic situation”. It has search engine optimisation built in so people can find your site when they search for your trade on Google or Bing. “People are searching and researching services online more and more, the Yellow Pages alone no longer cut it and if you don’t have a website you are simply losing opportunities and business” explains Matt.


Job Management Software for the Trade.

The app that replaces inefficient, paper based systems with a simple way to accurately create, assign, cost, quote and invoice jobs while in the field.  The Adfile system has been developed by the people who actually use the system on a daily basis to track and record time, costs and materials against work. This has been expanded to also help you meet compliance regulations for some industries. The system was originally created to take away all the inefficient paper based systems that are clumsy and can get lost while working on a job. If orders and material slips get lost or are not invoice this comes straight off the bottom line.

Our system ensures that all work is recorded and ordered under the specific job, and tracks the time and operator for each task. By confidently recording time on the Adfile system there is no longer any client discussions about added or extra time associated with the work, as time and description of work are recorded in real time. You can also use this system on the go, we use the latest Google technology to bring our system to ou in the format you need, from iPad’s to mobile phones and laptops. No need to install extra apps and downloads. Work straight from your phone browser to view and record real-time projects. Adfile’s jobbag system gives you the ability to track and record time and costs against workflows that are customised to your business, some of the features include:

  • Real-time work records
  • Task and operator management
  • Quoting
  • Management of suppliers and orders
  • Recording of materials
  • GPS locational tracking of photographs
  • Customer resource management (CRM) lead management

Click here for short introduction videos for each section.

TRADESITES is a division of Distribution HQ Ltd, Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand
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