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  • Stunning Templates

    Choose from our range of templates specifically designed for the New Zealand trade.
  • Photo Slideshows

    Large full window width photo slideshows that are fully editable by you.
  • Image Caching

    Images are automatically optimised for web.
  • Automatic resizing

    When you add pictures into the gallery or slideshow banner, the picture auto-resizes.
  • Google Maps

    Show locations of your offices / showrooms.
  • Social Media

    Live links to social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Google Analytics

    Track who is visiting your website.
  • Responsive Design

    All content is automatically mobile optimised and passes Google's mobile friendly test.
  • Youtube & Vimeo

    Upload videos to Youtube or Vimeo then display them on your Tradesites website.
  • Galleries

    Photo galleries with clickable thumbnails and large preview as well as a caption option.
  • Customisable

    Ability to change your templates colours, fonts, etc. at any time.
  • Change Website Template

    Changing templates doesn't require you to start from scratch with your content.
  • Easy to Update

    Edit your text and images as many time as you like at no extra cost.
  • Dashboard¬†Visitor Summary

    Simple visitor summary graph on your dashboard home page for at-a-glance reporting.
  • Tap to call

    Visitors can tap your phone number to call you direct from your mobile site.
  • Manage pages

    Add, remove and rename pages. Hide pages from your visitors to take them offline.
  • Cloud Based Hosting

    Access on any device, iPhone, Outlook, Andrioid and many more.
  • Domain names

    Enjoy a professional look and experience with¬†[email protected]
  • SEO-friendly headings

    Easy use of H1, H2 and H3 headings for maximum SEO benefit.
  • Consistent styling

    When you change the font or colour of your buttons, it updates site-wide.
  • Many more...

    Tradesites can connect to many add-ons. Contact us if you need something specific.
TRADESITES is a division of Distribution HQ Ltd, Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 9 554 1572 or Email Us